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Divorce and Separation

The dissolution of the marriage can be carried out amicably (consensual divorce), through the Notary Public, without the need for a judge to judge the case, since there is a consensus of the spouses regarding the termination of the union and the sharing of assets. , which brings great ease and economy to both parties.

In this case, the spouses must be represented by a lawyer or, if they do not agree, each must appoint a professional they trust.

However, if there is (1) disagreement about the end of the marriage; (2) in relation to the division of assets;  or, still, (3) minor children or (4) incapable children, the divorce must be litigious, occasion that must be filed a request to one of the courts of the family for judgment by the judiciary.

The documents needed to complete the divorce are: 

1. Marriage certificate;

2. Prenuptial Agreement (if any);

3. Spouses' personal documents;

4. Personal documents of the adult children (if any);

5. Documents of the assets to be shared;

6. When there are minor children – Birth Certificate.

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