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Food can be requested from each other, between relatives, spouses and partners (stable union), as long as they need to live in a way compatible with their social condition, including to meet the needs of their education._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


Both a man and a woman can claim food from their ex-spouse or ex-partner; just as the son may require of the father, as the father may require of his son; or even, failing them, between brothers. Everything will depend on the need and possibility of each one. 


In order to verify how much is necessary, three requirements must be taken into account: need for food; financial possibility of the alimony and reasonableness of the pension (balance between the parties involved). 


Alimony does not only serve as an aid to the survival of the fed, but will take into account their social condition, especially in cases of divorce, where the social status of the person who needs food is verified, when they lived marital and their current condition as separated. and or divorced. 


In the case of children, the child's social status will always be taken into account. Not only legally married people will be able to request food, but also those who live in a stable union, even if there is no legally formalized union contract. 


There is no food forecast for lovers (concubines). 


The Legislation does not establish a threshold for alimony, as many believe it is 30% of the income of the alimony. Amount will only be arbitrated after analyzing the socioeconomic condition of those involved (fed and fed). 


The pregnant woman may also ask the future father of her child for a pension during the gestational period, in order to defray the expenses of the pregnancy, in accordance with Law 11.804/2008. The law does not say, but everything indicates that the pregnant woman does not live with the father of her child.

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