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Consumer Law

This branch deals with conflicts generated through consumption and acts with the defense of consumer rights.

For its consolidation, consumer law sought inspiration in the civil, commercial, criminal, procedural, financial and administrative fields, seeking to apply its rules without offending the principles established by these areas of law.

Consumer protection is based on consumer protection through the disclosure of information that refers to the quality of goods and services. It is not only based on punishing those who commit irregular acts, as one of the main objectives is to work with consumers' awareness, intending to inform them about their rights and duties, and pass information to manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in relation to their obligations with the consumer, so that their rights are not violated and can expand the consumer market to collaborate with the development of the country.

The work of a legal advisor is essential for entrepreneurs to use the CDC in their favor.


In this way, the relationship between both becomes balanced, minimizing consumer actions and complaints.

Consumers and entrepreneurs are not always aware of the rights of the consumer protection code, so we find it interesting to list some abusive practices, according to Consumer Law:

  • The sale of one product by means of another is prohibited: the supplier cannot oblige the purchase of a product only if he takes another one. The consumer who must decide what and how many objects to invest in;

  • Prohibition of elements that cause risks: suppliers are strictly prohibited from selling products that cause any type of harm to the consumer, if the rule is disrespected, high fines will be applied and, in more serious cases, the punishment will be imprisonment;

  • Disclosure of the product: before investing in the purchase of a certain product, the consumer has the right to be informed about all its data, way of use, composition and care, that is, all the characteristics and, if false information is transmitted in the disclosure , the person responsible for the sale will be punished;

  • Contractual clauses: at the time of joining a certain product, it is necessary to be attentive to the contract, reading all its clauses before signing and always be attentive with a duplicate of the same, because in the case of modification of the previously imposed rules, the person responsible will be punished.

There are also rights reserved for virtual purchases, the same must be presented online at the time of investment and all clauses must be evaluated before agreeing to the terms.

It is clear that consumer law is extremely important and if you are informed about all your rights you can avoid numerous inconveniences. Remember that every establishment must have the Consumer Defense Code and it is essential that its employees are trained not to violate it due to lack of instruction.

We work strongly in the area of Consumer Law, focusing on the resolution, guidance and prevention of clients regarding their rights and legal issues arising from conflicts in consumer relations.

Our performance reaches both consumers and suppliers.

Among the numerous activities, the following stand out:

  • Compensation for moral and material damages;

  • Breach of contracts;

  • Defenses and guidelines;

  • Technical guidance.

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