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  • Orientação, elaboração e revisão de contratos de prestação de serviços; compra e venda; locação; colaboração ; bancários; "factoring" e "leasing"; alienação fiduciária;_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_insurance, health and private pension plans; electronics; of consumption; logistics; of transport; of "malls" and real estate.

Franchising (Franchising)

  • Legal advice on franchising (franchises); 

  • Structuring e franchise formatting;

  • Analysis and elaboration of Franchise Offer Circular, pre-contract and Franchise contract;

  • Lawsuits against franchisees and franchisors.

Corporate Law

  • Incorporation of Companies: preparation, review and analysis of articles of association and statutes;

  • Amendment of articles of association, statutes, meetings and dissolution of companies;

  • Purchase and sale of companies and equity interests, purchase and sale of shares and quotas;

  • Bankruptcy and judicial recoveries;

  • Corporate reorganization;

  • Formation of "joint ventures";

  • Defense of shareholders;

  • Representation and monitoring of clients in committees and assemblies;

  • "Due diligence"

  • Negotiation of corporate differences.

Industrial Property, Trademarks and Patents

  • Trademark Registration;

  • Patent Registration;

  • Software Registration;

  • Copyright;

  • Franchising.

Consumer Law

  • Contract review;

  • Damage Repairs;

  • Indemnity Action;

  • Reparation of material and moral damages;

  • SATI and brokerage fee refund;

  • Obligation to make against health plan.

Bankruptcy and Judicial Recovery

  • Judicial and Extrajudicial Recovery;

  • Restructuring of companies;

  • Bankruptcy;

  • Representation of clients in committees and assemblies.

Other achievements within Business Law

  • Assessment of contractual and non-contractual risks and responsibilities.

  • Preventive action with service providers and company employees.

  • Drafting opinions.

  • Guidance on strict liability of the company towards the consumer.

  • Entrepreneur and employee guidance

  • Minimization of possible labor demands.

  • Defense of the company before class bodies.

  • Defense of the company's interests in court.

  • Carrying out collections and executions of titles.

  • Advice for Start-ups

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