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Marriage by Power of Attorney

The Brazilian Legislation, through article 1565 of the Civil Code, provides for marriage between absentees, by means of a public power of attorney, when the bridegroom who is prevented from attending any act of the marriage grants powers to a third party to carry out the acts. on your behalf before the Registry.

There is also the possibility that both will not be present at the ceremony. In this case, each fiancé must grant powers to different attorneys, since the marriage is a bilateral legal transaction, which depends on the will of the parties involved (nubents).

It is important to mention that the power of attorney granted will be valid for 90 days, which is why the acts must be carried out within that period.

It is also possible to perform a marriage by proxy between a Brazilian (a) and a foreigner (a) not residing in Brazil.​ In this case, it is very important to obtain all the documents as soon as possible, so that you do not the power of attorney does not lose its validity.

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