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Uma companhia start-up ou startup é uma  empresa _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_recently created, or still under development and market research. 

These companies, usually technology-based, have entrepreneurial spirit    and a constant search for a  business model _cc74c-de-0315 bb3b-136bad5cf58d_innovator. This business model is how the startup generates value – that is, how it turns its work into money. An example is the do  Google   business model which is based on charging for each click on ads shown in search results. Another example would be the franchising business model: the franchisee pays  royalties   for a brand, but has access to a successful revenue with support from the franchisor – and for that increases your chances of making a profit. Companies that create highly scalable business models, at low costs and from innovative ideas, are startup companies. Startups are not just internet companies. They are only more frequent on the internet because it is much cheaper to create a software company than an industry.

Another word that comes up frequently in the startup world is "investment." Due to the uncertain environment in which the business is developed, until the right model is found, the investment used is risky. But there are a number of investors looking for startup companies to invest in, these are known as angel investors , so the venture that develops a good initial idea has a better chance of success when finding investors.

As start-ups  face several challenges as they are in a risky and uncertain business field, specifically in their initial phase and therefore need to be financed in different ways in each stage of its development. In this regard, it is important to have a good professional, specialized in the area, so that he can help entrepreneurs when drawing up the investment contract.

Another very common term in this area are the so - called "vesting" contracts , which aim to  align the mutual interests between the company and its employees. The "vesting" consists of offering to "key employees" a shareholding in the company in exchange for the provision of its services, since the company, at the beginning of its activities, does not have the capital to pay it /employ it.

It is also very important for every company that starts its activities a good legal planning (risk analysis), directed to Labor, Tax , Consumer and Civil Law, always aiming at formation of a solid legal basis to avoid future disappointments.

Advice for Start-ups, Micro and Small Companies
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