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Faced with the inefficiency of the State when it comes to health, Brazilians hire assistance plans à saúde in the hope of health when they need satisfactory medical and clinical care .


However, the reality surrounding the contractual relationship between the plan and the beneficiary often is not the most peaceful, much less is synonym sossego; nothing like the television commercials, where people wear pastel colors and run hopping through wooded fields.  The cases of:

Advice with Health Plans
Abusive adjustment of the monthly fee for the elderly or of collective plans
Abusive adjustment for claims
Deficiency and preexisting illnesses
category migration
grace period portability
Refusal of beneficiary
Refusal to reimburse medical fees
unilateral termination
Admission to a non-accredited hospital in urgent and emergency cases
Negatives for the granting of "home care", surgeries, medicines and treatments
other problematic issues with health plans

If you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned or any other health plan-related situation, know that there is a solution.


Entre em contato conosco! A nossa assessoria é especializada está pautada na solução de problemas que possam vir a existir during the existence of the relationship between the beneficiary and the company that maintains health plan.

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