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Business Law (Commercial)


O Corporate or Commercial Law, corresponds to the set of rules that regulate business activity, from the incorporation of the company or registration of the individual entrepreneur (MEI and EI) in the competent body, until the extinction of its activities, including the tax obligations e contractuais  arising from the activity performed.

Entrepreneurship is in the blood of Brazilians, not  it is for nothing that our country  has occupied in recent years the first positions in the ranking of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. However, it is also known that half of the companies close their activities in the first 4 (four) years. In most cases, due to the civil liability in your field of activity and contractual obligations.

In order to get rid of negative statistics and remain in the market, os individual entrepreneurs and business companies need adequate legal advice, based on their real needs, always aiming its development and healthy growth, allied to the main objective of any business activity, profit .


É exatamente partindo dessa premissa que atuamos na consultoria e assessoria jurídica preventiva e integral e gestão de carteira de processos judiciais and administrative, so that the attention entrepreneur his function: administrate. 

See below the main topics of Business Law:

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